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The World Famous Wheelie-ing Elvi!   (OUR STORY)

perchance to dream

If you are looking for some sort of "Experiment Gone Wrong, Rip-roaring yarn", to tell you about the group in question, or how we met due to some sort of "Cosmic Destiny" thing, or how we were "Selected as Babies" and relentlessly trained until just a select few remained, forget it!  Unless the surprise arrival of a shiny new 1968 Honda Z50 Mini trail, sitting in the carport, instead of a promised White Eskimo Puppy, or a 1969 Honda Mini trail, in lieu of a Summer trip to Spain, or a 1970 Honda, traded for a set of tonsils outright, can configure the kind of person that will become a "Wheelie-ing Elvi", then you won't find your answers here!

As to how the group became "The Wheelie-ing Elvi", it was started in 1995 by founding members Chris Watson and Craig Knight.  That first year had the guys riding through their Fort Worth neighborhood in a "Marilyn Monroe" wig and a Mexican sombrero.  The "Elvi," idea was still, just a distant thought.  The next year, 1996, would be the beginning for "The Wheelie-ing Elvi".  Take a few vintage Honda Mini trails, white rented "Rock-Star," styled-jumpsuits, huge pompadour wigs, throw in flashy gold sunglasses, put them all together,  and you have the makings for something very silly....and very unique!  The rest is history.

"TWF...Wheelie-ing Elvi!"  Daredevil Mini-motorcycle Riders ...Extraordinaire!  

 elvi begin

As the 1990's rolled on, the numbers continued to grow.  Close to twenty riders, at one point.  The classic white jumpsuit, the wig, glasses and an endearing loyalty for the vintage Z50 Honda Mini trail hardtail.  Throw it all together, and find a parade...that's the stuff of legends.  Really, what's not to love...Elvi on a Z50, please! 

It started with The Ft. Worth Parade of Lights.  Ft. Worth opened her heart to "The Wheelie-ing Elvi", with a reception the likes of which, has never been heard before.  Make that initial turn onto Commerce Street and the screaming drowns out everything else.  "Do a wheelie!" go the screams, from the masses of parade goers, and they never stop.  "Ft. Worth...you own our hearts." 

Other parades, other events quickly followed.  The Arlington 4th of July Parade (largest parade in the SW United States), The Cotton Bowl Parade in Dallas, The Mardi Gras Parade in Austin, The Fort Worth Symphony Concerts in the Garden, TCU's Frog Alley, Fort Worth's Retrofest, Alcon Lab's Light Up The Night, The Dallas Ad Club, and the Texas Motor Speedway IRL Race Day Opening Ceremony Lap.

All good things...  With the dawn of a new decade, demand for "The Wheelie-ing Elvi", continued to grow.  Too many events, too little time, a close call or a complete wipeout, as well as a change in priorities, or maybe the fun factor was wearing a bit thin.  All of these things, and then some other things, may have contributed to "hanging up the wig" by almost all of the original "Wheelie-ing Elvi".  They would all be missed!

"TWF...Wheelie-ing Elvi!"  Daredevil Mini-motorcycle Riders...Extraordinaire!

a second wind

Early in 2003, it was apparent that our numbers had drastically dropped and our ability to participate in more time-consuming events was now on hold.  Steve Utter, the last original, and I, started to look a little farther down the garden path, so to speak.  What we discovered was quite revealing and more than just a little refreshing.

The Honda Mini trail z50 "hardtail" is a wonderful machine.  Almost indestructible, and yet mechanically simple in comparison to larger motorcycles.  In the hands of an experienced motorcycle mechanic, a 50cc Honda could be made to last forever.  If the rider follows a few basic maintenance procedures.  It's major drawback is that it was never designed for daredevil stunts, including the basic wheelie.  The hardtail's rigid-designed-frame tends to crack under the force of traumatic encounters with concrete pavement.  I believe this is the major reason Honda stopped hardtail production in the U. S., after only three production years (1968, 69, 70/71).  If you are counting, that makes some of our bikes more than 40 years old.

What we discovered was that almost every person out there watching "TWF...Wheelie-ing Elvi" wanted to see Elvis wannabees, on little mini-trails, riding wheelies, while gyrating, or riding backwards, or speeding to a screeching stop in an effort to shake the hand of a fan.  The crowds just wanted the Elvi....the sillier, the better.

Well, we found them, and they found us, and our numbers began to grow, and can these guys ride!  Now the bikes are designed for the individual riders, and what they each, bring to the group. 

"TWF...Wheelie-ing Elvi!"  Daredevil Mini-motorcycle Riders...Extraordinaire!

the dirty dozen(s), plus or minus

As for how "The World Famous Wheelie-ing Elvi!" came together, all I can say is; "I asked Greg, and Jimmy called me, and James knew Philip, and Greg knew James. Cameron was Jimmy's nephew, and I met James at a garage sale, but Greg didn't know I knew James, and Philip worked with Rich, and Steve was an original member. Doug was in high school with my sister, and Barry knew Darrell, and Ovi had a son in the same grade as Greg's son, and Clint had fixed Jimmy's bike. Scott, liked dressing up in white jumpsuits...just for fun, and Ron, bought a bike that he later discovered had been stolen from Jimmy's home. Todd, knew Doug, and Doug knew Damian, and Damian; who guessed it, knew Todd. Brian found Philip on Facebook and Danny rebuilt a bike, then asked Scott, to ask Ron, to ask me, if he could join up. David, we discovered at a vintage minitrail meet, and Roy, was a parade escort that we recruited, by the parades' conclusion. Eric "the photographer," we found, after nearly hitting him during a parade in Waxahachie. Jay, took a good while to get up the nerve to contact us, almost a year later! Sam was BFF with Clint, and Chris had previously trained Brian H...in exactly what, I don't know. Bill needed a hobby besides collecting GI Joes, and then there's Joe. Joe really loves tiny little mini-bikes and dressing up. Brian 2.0, is the second guy in our group named Brian...so he goes by 2.0. Not to be outdone, Greg Walsh (2.0), did the same thing. Copycat! Oh yes, I mustn't forget the "infamous" phone call. Andrew's wife called and asked if Andrew could come play with us. I should've said NO, but I'm just too damn nice. Can't forget Greg M. (G3), like we don't have enough Gregs!   Whew!  Sorry, had to catch my breath.  So, then we picked us up a JB. Every group has to have a JB. As if I don't have enough problems, we found us another Steve. I just call him Watts. Before I knew what hit me, Fate had delivered up a brand new Kevin. But since he came baring doughnuts, we welcomed the doughnuts into the group. Then theres'Drew. Drew's the one with Peacock feathers on his suit." It all, makes my head spin.

So what happened was... We did "Elvis Night" at The Ballpark in Arlington, The Fort Worth Cats La Grave Field, The River Oaks Christmas Parade of Lights, The Arlington Parade of Lights, The Mystiqal Mardi Gras Parade of Dallas, Arlington 4th of July Parade, The State Fair of Texas Opening Day Parade, Crowley 4th of July Independence Day Parade, The Mansfield Christmas Parade, The Annual Fort Worth Chesapeake Energy Parade of Lights, "Elvis Night," at Texas Motor Speedway, The 2010 Drag and Brag at Texas Motor Speedway, The 25th Annual Big Texas Toy Run, The Mansfield July 4th RockFest, The Waxahachie Crape Myrtle Parade, The Springtown'Wild West Parade and Festival, The Bob Phillips Texas Country Reporter Festival and Parade, The 2012 Oak Cliff Mardi Gras Parade, The 2012 Best Maid St. Paddy's Pickle Parade, The University of Texas at Arlington Homecoming Parade, The Fairmount Parade of Fort Worth, Earth Day 2013, Make A Wish, for a special 3-year-old friend, TCU Homecoming 2013, The Ennis Polka Fest, and The Children's Medical Center Parade of Dallas 2013. "

"TWF...Wheelie-ing Elvi!"  Daredevil Mini-motorcycle Riders...Extraordinaire!

the beat goes on

The future looks bright, we better wear shades!  We are always in search of new members, guys with positive attitudes.  The type, that plays well with others, and can ride a motorcycle safely in extreme situations, and adverse conditions.  The kind of rider that never takes a chance at the cost of others, or at the cost of the spectators fun.  A rider who understands that parade horses and their "droppings," never mix well with fast-moving motorcycles.  

So, ...if you have a Honda 50, and you can ride, and you are not wanted by the police, then we send out a call for you to join our ranks.  It will be the time of your life!

"TWF...Wheelie-ing Elvi!  Daredevil Mini-motorcycle Riders...Extraordinaire!

"The World Famous...Wheelie-ing Elvi"  exist solely for the purpose of entertaining parade goers and fans alike.  We would like to thank you all, for the cheers and support over the years and we hope to be around, for many years to come.

bobby ornelas/2009

visit us at: www.theworldfamouswheelie-ingelvi.com.com  or www.twfwe.com

or call to schedule a showing at 817-925-8478

*We live by one creed and we take it very seriously. 

We will lay down our bikes and ourselves,

before risking injury to a spectator.